Easter Prayer

Spirit of Life, be with us this morning with all that we carry…joys and sorrows, hopes and doubts, accomplishments and failures. Be with us as we open our hearts to the joy of Easter and to the hope that this season brings.

Spirit of New Life, help us to welcome the blooming of Spring into our lives. Help us to welcome new beginnings, risks, and the unknown.

Spirit of Compassion, help us to be gentle with each other and with ourselves. Help us to forgive and to love more deeply.

Spirit of Memory, be with us as we hold dearly thoughts of those who are no longer with us. Help us to heal from our many losses and to balance remembering with letting go.

Spirit of Resurrection, be with us as we roll back the stones of fear, hatred, and indifference to welcome a world of peace. Help us to work for tolerance, justice, and solidarity.

Spirit of Community, be with us this Easter morning as we worship together in honor of stories of rebirth and in celebration of renewed life.