Rev. Tim Kutzmark

To whom it may concern:

Kate is a splendid preacher, with a warm presence that creates a spiritual embrace in the sanctuary. I tend to be a pretty tough critic when it comes to preaching, but Kate recently was a guest preacher at my congregation, and she knocked it out of the park! She truly has a wonderful presence and energy -- so open, so genuine, and so human. Her sermon, on the difficult subject of inviting and engaging privileged suburban UUs into hands-on ministry in the inner city, was perfectly crafted and expertly delivered. In a lesser preacher's hands, such a topic could stir up guilt or overwhelm. But Kate has such a gift of writing. Her speaking voice, her presentation, was flawless. Kate truly touched people and opened hearts that Sunday morning. Two long-time members who rarely give compliments talked to me about how moved they were by Kate's passion and perspective, and how they were going to adjust their personal schedules to volunteer next year. Believe me, they don't say such things lightly.

I've experienced Kate's worship leading on several occasions. Sitting in the pews, I always feel ministered to by Kate. I've worked closely with Kate in planning District events and activities. She is a careful and organized planner, an engaging facilitator, and great with the details as well as the larger vision.

And did I mention how warm a person she is, and how her smile will light up a room? Your congregation will be blessed to have Kate bring her gifts for ministry and become part of your spiritual community.

Rev. Tim Kutzmark
Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading
Reading, Massachusetts