Pastoral Care

I remember the advice that the Rabbi gave to all of the student chaplains at Mass General Hospital as we began our Clinical Pastoral Education... "Don't just do something…stand there." This wisdom stayed with me as I completed my rotations as a chaplain working with patients from all faith traditions and their families. It helped me as I made my visits to elders in the North Hill retirement and assisted living community as an intern minister in Wellesley, and it has also made me a better daughter, sister, and friend.

We all have enough problem solvers in our lives…what we usually need more of are people who can sit with us and truly listen to us when we are grieving, healing, depressed, or struggling. Sometimes prayer is also part of "standing there" with someone. I cherish the honor it is to accompany someone as they hold simultaneously the joys and sorrows of life.

I also feel it is important to develop, train, and support lay ministry teams in the skills of pastoral care so that the church community can minister to its members more fully, and I look forward to being part of a care team.